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Performance Basketball Workouts
by posted 04/08/2014

Performance Basketball Workouts are currently offering basketball workout sessions for girls and boys in grades 3-6.  Performance Basketball Workouts are aimed towards providing individual fundamental workouts for those players who are looking to advance their basketball skills to the next level.  The individual workouts will provide each player with a series of basketball drills that they can continue to use throughout the off season and summer months. The focus at Performance Basketball Workouts is to establish a solid fundamental foundation and build into more advanced skills that will help each player take their game to the next level of competitive basketball.

Performance Basketball Workouts will be conducted by Mark Gould and is supported and insured by Youth Basketball of America. Mark has many years of basketball experience as a player at both the high school and collegiate levels and as a Boys and Girls Coach at all levels from Elementary through High School Varsity.  His goal of the workouts is to provide individual instruction to local athletes to help develop the fundamentals and advanced skills it takes to become a better and more competitive basketball player.

Each two hour workout session will be limited to 24 athletes and will be held one night a week for four weeks. The cost will be $80 for 8 hours of basketball instruction. Registrations and more information please contact Mark Gould at (605) 641-1945 or at   More sessions will be offered at later dates for older age groups and for those who could not get into current sessions.

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